Hi, i am anne

I'm Anne, I'm 32 years old and I come from France. Since 2015 I am a wedding photographer, first in France, and in 2018 I followed my partner to Munich. Since then I have been working between France and Germany. It was a great pleasure for me to start a new photography adventure in Bavaria. Bavaria is very beautiful land that inspires me a lot. I love mountains, lakes and beautiful landscapes. Nature is the heart of my creativity. I make a big point of transcribing your beautiful day as discreetly and naturally as possible.My work is romantic, spontaneous and poetic.For me Photography is a true power! When I shoot, I can stop time and fix a moment, an emotion, and this forever. This is fantastic!! I don't want just beautiful photos, I want true photos. with real emotion and sensation. For stronger memories.

Passionate about travel, I will follow you to the end of the world to immortalize a moment of true love.

I don´t want just beautiful photos, I want true photos.